Hello and Welcome!!

Hey There!

Welcome to my blog! Unfortunately, my first post won’t be too incredibly exciting as I don’t have a whole lot to actually blog about yet. I also need to get my camera charged up and functional. But anway, the upcoming posts, will be full of fun commentary on food, fitness, running, tennis (I’m on a varsity tennis team here at school), more food, and probably more fitness. While I don’t necessarily believe in dieting (anymore) you should know that a lot of my writing will probably focus on my efforts to attain and maintain a balanced way of eating that allows me to sit comfortably at my “happy weight”, which happens to be about ten pounds less than my current weight. With that said, I do have a history of “disordered eating”, which is essentially why I started this blog. By staying accountable to myself AND my readers, hopefully my quest for fitness peace of mind won’t be in vain. I’m also not a big fan of long-winded introductions so shoot on over to my “about” section or leave a comment if there’s anything else you want to know! Seeya soon!




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